🍑BBL Shapewear Shorts

If you have hip dips or aren't blessed with bootylicious curves, and feel unconfident about the way your body looks in clothing - Our BBL Shorts are for you!
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Color : Midnight Black
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Define your already beautiful shape with our "BBL Shorts"

Meet Your Stunning Hourglass Figure In Seconds!⌛

Our BBL shorts were designed reveal your beautiful hourglass figure that's already there! And unlike other 'one size fits all" shapewear brands, our shorts have adjustable padding for a completely personalized, natural looking fit. The result? You drop jaws and slay any outfit with your bootylicious figure anywhere you go! 

Instantly Bring Out Your Curves!🍑

Our BBL shorts lift and shape your butt, tucks in your tummy, and widens your hips. The result? It instantly reveals your sexy hourglass figure! Say goodbye to feeling uncomfortable about the way your body looks in everyday attire, and hello to the confidence you deserve to feel like a runway model anywhere you go!

With a low-profile design so you can slay in jeans, dresses, or anything you wear day-to-day! Warning - Be prepared to get compliments everywhere you go!

Finally! Comfortable Shapewear That ACTUALLY Works...

Our comfortable HerCurvee shorts are made to fit your body like a glove without making you feel like you're 'choking the life' out of your midsection. 

Unlike other one-size fits all brands, HerCurvee™️ shorts come exclusively with removable/adjustable padding that tailors to your booty to give you a more 'natural' look. You'll love the way it looks and feels on your body, especially when you're out! Chances are you're probably going to get hit on twice as much... Don't say we didn't warn you!

Over 150+ Happy Booties!

"I'm in love with my new booty!"

- Taylor Gianna, Verified Customer

"After being flat as a board all my life, I recently made the executive decision to add a bit of junk to my trunk. My jaw DROPPED when I put them on for the first time. It literally went from 🚪 to 🍑! I'm in love with my new booty! My favourite part about them is that they rounded out my hips, flattened out my stomach, and has a 'natural' look to it as well. All flat girls need this! Buy this now and thank me later!!!"

"Everyone was asking if I actually got a BBL!"

   - Tiasia M, Verified Customer

"Ive tried so many shapewear brands but this one is a WINNER! Most of them always make my butt look weird - either too small and bumpy or does not rest in the right places. LOVE the adjustable padding and shaping affect because I have hip dips and it makes my pants and dresses fit a little weird. 2 seconds after putting them on they gave me hips and extra butt lol. Went out yesterday and the amount of compliments and STARES I got was crazy👀"

"My husband didn't like the stares I was getting..."

  - Gianna Hayes, Verified Customer

"I had a baby a little over a year ago, and let me tell you.. pregnancy did not do the body good. I lost my curves, and am just not feeling quite as confident in my new mom bod, especially in more form fitting dresses. I have a big event coming up, where I will be wearing a dress. I got these to give me just a little shape. They're perfect! Just what I was looking for. I've got my hourglass figure back! My husband didn't like the stares I was getting haha"

Unlike other brands, we put an emphasis on comfort and effectiveness.

The result?

Not only do you get the curviness and hourglass figure you want, but you also get the perfect 'natural' looking bottom that looks just like a BBL!

Custom tailed to everybooty, our HurCurvee shorts make everyone's jaws drop when you're out in dresses, jeans, joggers, or anything you wear day to day.

Get the confidence boost you deserve anywhere you go! Psst ladies! Just remember with great power - comes great responsibility!

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